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Our Mission

Local news is essential to the well-being of American communities and the strength of our democracy.

But today, America’s most trusted source of news is in crisis.

Why? Because regulators and lawmakers continue to rely on rules that need to be modernized in the streaming era. These rules, and government inaction, put local news providers at an unfair disadvantage in an ecosystem that includes much larger media and tech companies.

What can be done? Our legislators must act now to update the rules and use their existing authority to protect local news. Local broadcast stations can and will thrive in a fair marketplace, but only if the rules reflect reality.

The Coalition for Local News is committed to fighting for the future of local news. And we need your help.

Why local news is essential to American communities and our nation’s democracy:

Trusted Community Updates:
Area-Specific Weather and Critical Emergency Delivery Systems

Direct Community Investments and Job Creation

Coverage of Local Sports, Politics, Philanthropies, and Small Businesses

Providing a Voice for Diverse Communities

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Act Now

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